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Warriors With Red Lips» is a women’s movement, which began on december 24-2019, when her founder, Angela Strong, was on her way to dinner! while she and her husband, ross, were driving twards the place, Angela began to put her makeup on (as usual) and while she was looking for her lipstick, she realized that she had left her makeup back at the house. So she decided to check her purse, to see if she had any lipstick there. Fortunately, she was able to find one «red lipstick» (which she rarely uses).

While Angela was applying her red lipstick, she began to feeling a deep sence of sadness. She then asked the holy spirit why is it that she was feeling that way, she heard the lord say: «i am making you feel the same way as thousands of other women, around the world, are feeling today; hopeless, depressed, drained, rejected, discouraged and unworthy of my love».

The lord also said something else to Angela. He said «i want you to go broadcasting live, right now and tell all those women to get up from their beds and put on some red lipstick, as a sign of celebration! declaring that they are no longer a victim of the enemy, but that they are victorious through jesus!»

Angela moved in obedience and did so. To her surprise, when that video went live, hundreds of women rose up, wearing their red lipstick and sending Angela their pictures. What began as a simple video, god turned it around to become a complete movement for women warriors from all over the world, that started standing together, declaring that the enemy will not keep their victory, in jesus name!!

Actually, this women ministry celebrates a weekly ladies live broacast every sunday, from 6:00pm-7:00pm/est. we also have our own anual «Warriors With Red Lips» conference. This year 2020, our conference will be celebrated on august 8th, at the Marriott Beach Resort, Clearwater FL.